WWFIT TEAM –  October 7th, 2017 @ The Curtis Culwell Center

WWFIT TEAM is designed to challenge you as a team, not as individual athletes. No matter the division, your TEAM’s fitness will be tested! All teams no matter the division will be a 4 man / co-ed team. Last year, WWFIT TEAM hosted over 300 competitors and the top teams took home over $7,000 in cash! Do not hesitate on signing up, capacity is limited.
2017 Cash Purse Breakdown
This competition WWFIT is doing something a tad bit different. Instead of doing a traditional cash prize breakdown for 1st – 3rd teams.
We are going to do a “Winner Take All” Scenario. The cash / prize break down will look like this.

  • 1st Place RX Men & RX Co-Ed Will Win – $3,100.00 Total For Each Team.
  • 2nd Place RX Men & RX Co-Ed Will Win – Entry Fees ($450) + Prize Bags
  • 3rd Place RX Men & RX Co-Ed Will Win – Entry Fees ($450) + Prize Bags

The total purse amount will increase (but not surpass $9,000) or decrease based upon RX registered teams. For the cash prize to be distributed WWFIT Team must exceed 50 total team registrations.

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RX – Teams of 4 Men & Co-Ed

RX – is a great choice if you are more than sound at advanced movements, you have no problem working heavy weight, you do not tremble at the sight of HSPU, ring & bar muscle ups, pistols, and C2B Pull Ups. The weight for WWFIT RX Division is heavy to even more heavy.


Advanced – Teams of 4 Men & Co-Ed

ADVANCED – is a great choice if you have no problem RX’n wods at your local box, you find high volume pull ups, TTB & double-unders feasible. You might struggle with RX competition weight & some gymnastic movements such as muscle ups, strict HSPU and pistols. The weight for WWFIT ADVANCED division is moderate to heavy.

Scaled – Teams of 4 Men & Co-Ed

SCALED – is a great choice if you are looking for a light, more simplistic competition, you want the thrill of competing without all of the heavy weight and gymnastics, you don’t mind a few pull ups but TTB & double-unders are out of the question. The weight for WWFIT SCALED Division is light to moderate.

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What else we provide?

World Class Judges

WWFIT Judges have judged at some of the highest levels of competition.

Great Sponsors

WWFIT teams up with incredible sponsors. Come ready to shop!


WWFIT Games uses top notch venues so you as the competitor can enjoy a thrilling environment.


I’m a big fan of the entire setup, wods, staff, Intel, and the fact that I enjoy competing. Get Some!

William Black

I placed 3rd in the advanced Women’s heat in January 2015, and I loved this event! Not just for a podium finish, but I thought the judges were fair, supportive, and outgoing, the flow of the competition was smooth, and the WODs were fun and challenging! Overall, great event!

Stephany Osorto

Awesome competition! Reading reviews and descriptions of past WWFIT events I knew this was bigger than your average local comp, but I didn’t expect anything near this level. From the judging and venue to the programming and efficiency of workout scheduling, WWFIT was extremely well done! Will definitely be attending others!

Tyler Syata